Don't Ever Say You Are Following The Trend, Or Not

Trapped in his silk, this is where this sophisticated shopaholic who is tired of switching around "lifestyle, trendy, art, unique", yes these clichés, shares his experiences in this greasy and pretentious battlefield. 

He has seen people addicted to monograms, nouveau riches chasing for foremost extravagant products, bourgeoises resisting creativity in order to maintain the already corrupted elegance,  chicken-hearted individuals being afraid of sales assistances' disdain. 

Vulgarians are still regarding a girl who saved her first season's compensation to purchase a Neverfull tote bag as extremely "Inspirational". They see her independence, her confidence, but neglect what brought her this. In this time of material, what is a material? A thoroughly educated person thinks he could come up with a definition but only a dispiriting failure. Milk can be in this category, so can a fur coat from Yves Salomon. 

This shopaholic wants to as well, but he can't, either. However, he doesn't want to see more people fall into this endless abysm. Follow him, don't be that girl, don't be that victim. And thank him, bless him with your cherry lips and gleaming teeth. 


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