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You Are Not Loved

Updated: Aug 23, 2020


With Asia getting more and more portions of luxury brands' consumer market, high-end brands are now paying more attention to cater to rich Asians, especially Chinese customers' taste. Limited editions only introduced in Asia, Asian supermodels, and Asian stars being brands' ambassadors are more than common routines.

"Qixi", this Chinese Valentine's day, has also become a hot pick for these brands to speak out loud their "loves" to customers. Sweet red hearts, cherries, and lips are printed. The latest popular stars are pictured. They just want you to bring your girlfriend in and imagine how excited she would be when you buy and say, "honey, you are more beautiful than this bag."

After Dior, GUCCI, now BALENCIAGA joined the row, too. With the successful introduction of the sneakers, BALENCIAGA thought it could handle all the trends and lead it.


It is the time to depress Virgil Abloh' pretension (though it's not clear whether he really designed this hideous collection)! After Alexander Wang left, this historical brand transformed its elegancy to sporty street fashion, which Kim Jones even commented would disappear its control within the next 10 years.

The theme, which symbolized a retro-gaudy Chinese style that's very favored in the younger generation (targeted by BALENCIAGA). However, just a while ago, it seemed to be a scoop of terrible taste for these people and was only a "good match" for their grandmother's generation.

Abloh just found a right way to save BALENCIAGA this year by taking Cristóbal's old original shapes back and now smacked on his own face.

"Tasteless", "Offensive", "Mischievous", all these downside and negative remarks were written by bloggers and fashion critics, and they are not only Chinese.

This whole collection includes different colors of the Hourglass bags, with graffitied Chinese words "I Love You", "You Love Me", "He Loves Me", and "I Love Me" on them. I have to say that the Hourglass is a great piece. But please don't ruin it with your "black idea", Abloh!

"I Love Me"?? Are you seriously this narcissistic?

"I Love Me" In Chinese

Do you want this bag, Mitchell Pritchett?

Girlfriends, your boyfriends don't need to know how much you love yourself :)

Sorry no purchase link this time dears!


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