• Gary Liu

Don't Be Cheap

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

What reminds you of this?

An iconic playful bear, of course.

Being printed on a white t-shirt, this adorable bear goes everywhere, with any kind of person who wears it.

Wow, stylish! You finally become one of them! "Welcome to the fashion industry!", says Jeremy Scott, with his sinister yet mischievous smile. This boy is trying to uglify everything, along with others, in a way that you'll never notice; while you are clapping your hands complimenting how pretty these are.

There would be no misunderstanding if I put this situation into this movie, "The Confessions of a Shopaholic". Modern, elegant city people being brain-washed by VOGUE wearing what they are "supposed" to wear.

When they are singing "Haute couture is dying" on whited sepulchers, other people's tears drop down onto the cemetery. Not for what they are mourning for, just because the voice is too beautiful.

It can be comprehended. People all have vanities. One dish can't fulfill all hungers. But at least the protagonist knows how to get her fulfilled for a cheaper price.

They just forget that materials are expensive because of the owner, not the tag. It's always more important to find what suits you the most instead of the trend. This is why I am here, to tell you not to be that "inspiring" girl who saves her first season's salary for a tote bag that never fits her.

Follow my ring tone if you want. If you don't, don't be reluctant. Walk away and there's nothing to blame. And model for those who are under the "fashion stress", since most of these are just daily necessities, the fig leaves.

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