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It's More Than Feeding Grass

Updated: Jul 27, 2020


White, black, tan, gold, light brown, transparent glass... These tones have taken the name of "very Instagram colors" ever since the born of this app, which means if you want to be a valuable influencer, your Instagram page will at least have a few photos like the one above (picture found online, nothing personal, don't take any offense please).

BYREDO, Diptyque, OUAI... And yes, these make you basic.

Hold on... What else I see?

Transparent glass bottle, simply designed label, you can see through what's in it.

Can it even be more basic?

Oh, it indeed can.

When topics like "vegan", "clean", "environment-friendly", are mentioned, girls (sorry basic be-yacht-es) get crazy even they probably only get 99 followers on Instagram and aren't actually knowledgeable in this area. This is why SEPHORA sets a special "clean beauty" category for these products.

Though normally such scenarios disgust me, the rational part of my brain is still working.

So "keep holding on", says Avril.

Just like all other Clean skincare brands, this 2011-established Seattle brand claims that all ingredients are effective, non-toxic, and are concentrated from the mother nature. I'm not their scientist nor a Doctor in biology. I can't test if it's true, but here I am, recommending this brand, not because these bottles can make you a fake influencer, but the products are really impressive.

(And also how basic they can be)

See? So basic, no skill needed

Combination, acne-prone skin. This condition might be uncomfortable for lots of people. I've never tried to use oil on my face to cover that already oily T-area. However, this face oil exceeded my expectation! Massage into clean skin and let it absorb for a few minutes. It not only relieves blemishes but also the redness.

Lapis Blue Tansy Face Oil - $94

Discovery Set $25

Hair mist is no longer a new thing. This lightly fragranced volume hair spray hydrates your hair and body (yes it can be used on your body s well). Put it in your bag and let it be your personal hairstylist.

Sea Mist Lavender/Coconut $16

What you definitely need for summer! Fresh, refreshing, cool, relaxing, it contracts all these "happy summer" words you can think of. Mint, lavender, and aloe, nothing more should be added.

After Sun Body Spray $16

More to discover:

Jelly Cleanser $32

Jasmine Green Tea Oil Control Toner $52

Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar $16

Shopping Notice:

The official website doesn't ship to Canada.

Many products can be purchased from

SEPHORA (Free shipping over $50 (different policy for different levels of members), coupons available daily) (Free shipping over $35, chances to meet 20% off) (Free shipping over $75)

The Detox Market CA (Free shipping available, 10% off for first order)


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