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"People making less than $100,000 a year shouldn't have to shop at ZARA or FOREVER 21 or TOPSHOP," said Sarah Staudinger, the founder of her light luxury brand -- STAUD.

Though what I quoted here sounds a bit snobbish, I agree with her opinion. And that's just my purpose to start this website. You don't have to chase what all others are chasing for, and you do have so many options besides that.

With her idea, she started her business in 2015 to fill the spot between fast fashion and luxury, what we call nowadays light luxury.

STAUD isn't the first brand using such definition and standards. There's COACH, the first famous company which endured much tribulation that many people might recall when entry level luxe is referred. Tory Burch, Vince., theory... And independent designers. There are so many, STAUD can be one of them. I'm picking STAUD today not because of its fame nor modern taste. As I said earlier, when ideas click, camaraderie borns.

The steal of design isn't news in the circle of fashion. Hypocrites call as "the use of reference".

Ummmm I can see some shadows here

Contemporary trends are obvious in STAUD's clothing design, with a bit retro Hollywood feeling, since it's a Los Angeles-based brand. But it was not what helps this brand be on the top list in only two years after its birth.

It was this basket bag, officially called BISSETT by STAUD. Ranging from $200 - $400 depends on size and material.

This bag soon became fashion designer Alexa Chung's favorite.

Then there's supermodel Kendall Jenner.

Celebrities always work the best. This "cult" brand finally removes this label and is now tagged as popular. You can see their bags and clothing at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks; and purchase them on net-a-porter, farfetch, ssense and so many other luxury sellers. Collaborations and personalization recently came out, too.

Just keep in touch.

Editor's Picks:

Classic Bissett $300

Bissett orig. $469 now $234

Zebra Print Mini Bissett orig. Eu 319 now Eu 127 (Extra 10% off with code MYEXTRA)

Moon Bag orig. $435 now $218

Rey Bag orig. $435 now $235

Shirley Bag orig. $295 USD now $147.5 USD

Amal Bag orig. $435 now $218

Linda Bag orig. $450 USD now $315 USD

Orchid Skirt orig. $328 now $230

Devon Dress orig. $442 now $265

Simone Mules orig. $355 now $248

Gita Sandals orig. $435 now $261

Shopping Notice:

Since STAUD is an American brand, it's recommended to buy its products from North American retailers or e-commerce platforms to save shipping fees and duties.

Recommended Retailers:


Free shipping and return in Canada

Rakuten cashback available


Free shipping over $400 (or $26 for shipping)

Rakuten cashback available

STAUD Official Site:

$35 for shipping

Duty depends on the total amount of purchase


Code MYEXTRA for 10% off

Check the website for detailed shipping and duty info


Free shipping over $99

Rakuten cashback available

Saks Fifth Avenue:

Free shipping over $100

Rakuten cashback available

Holt Renfrew:

Free shipping over $100

Happy Shopping!


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