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NORDSTROM Anniversary Not ON SALE!


Nordstrom has been advertising its so-called anniversary sale for about one month since this mid-July and notifying us customers to upgrade our wishlists. Well, it's a fortune for the clients in the U.S. but not us who live in Canada because just after the anniversary sale was announced, the sale items and price could be foreseen on the U.S. official website.

I always found Nordstrom a mediocre store back when I was in America, maybe I was living in Ohio (not being mean, I still love Columbus). It was fairly better than Macy's but couldn't beat Saks, sometimes the discount was not even comparable to Macy's.

Thinking that ever since the Canadian official website was opened after the COVID, more than a few really good clearance events pleased me so I naively thought that this could be satisfying.

However!!!! No more than 80 beauty products were put on the anniversary sale list and the average discount is about less than 25% off (few are still okay, though). Clothing and accessories are even worse and I don't even want to talk about, and most of them are Nordstrom labels.

Well readers, I'll just take out some (it took me a few days to decide should I write this blog or not because the options are really limited) items from the sale and in case it might be the shortest recommendation blog on this website, I'll put some through back items and exclusive products as well. Nordstrom always ships free, this is how it stands.

Recommendations for Dries Van Noten fans ---

Print Dress orig. $1545 now. $463.5

Print Silk Shirt orig. $1030 now. $309

Daily Basics ---

Vince Dress orig. $475 now. $190

Rag & Bone Shirt orig. $500 now. $200

Vince Silk Blend Shirt orig. $425 now. $170

Vince Silk Blend Pants orig. $450 now. $180

Eileen Fisher Pants orig. $268 now. $107

Vince Sandal orig. $405 now. $162

Monica Vinader "Friendship" Bracelet orig. $225 now. $149

Cool Guys ---

Paul Smith Socks orig. $35 now. $21

Take 20% off the whole Fjällräven line!! This might be the most exciting event during this sale event since you don't really see Fjällräven on sale that often and most of the time it happens at Urban Outfitters.

This Scandinavian brand won many people's heart with its unisex and water-resistant design. Pick a color and enjoy every season.

Sling Crossbody bag orig. $85 now. $68

Regular Backpack orig. $100 now. $80

Beauty ---

Not a lot beauty products, but Tom Ford used its wrapping seduced everyone.

TF Black Orchid and Ombré Leather Travel Size Spray Set

$102 Worth USD $120

TF Makeup Set $107

Exclusives ---

Rosen Hydrating Mist $29

Hermès L'Ombre des Merveilles 0.5 oz (you don't see this size quite often) $36

Herbivore Body Care Set $45.5

Past Charms ---

Z Zegna Polo Shirt $87

CDG Graphic Long Sleeve Tee $79

FRAME Mini Satchel $160

Marge Sherwood Crossbody Bag $68

Diptyque Lavender Roll-on Perfume $65

But past kindness doesn't mean forgiveness will be given forever. It applies to people, and business as well.

Shopping notice:

No shipping fee will be charged when you shop at Nordstrom.

Join Nordstrom's Norby club and get points back! Every dollar you spend will give you one point and when you reach 2,000 points you can get $20 back and reach a new level.

"5 X points" day happens randomly and you get to use a 2 X point day one time a year as your birthday gift.

Happy shopping!


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