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Some Red Hearts Please? Or What?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020


Comme des Garçons, like the boys.

This may be what Rei Kawakubo wants, like boys, always playful.

This is also very misleading and makes people think that the red hearts stand for Comme des Garçons. What you don't know is that this subline "PLAY Comme des Garçons" is just one of about 30 lines Rei and her apprentices created for this fashion group.

Partially yes, the red bug-eyed heart designed by graphic artist Filip Pagowski is what brings this brand to the public. If there weren't this heart, there wouldn't be such popularity. Red hearts everywhere on a graphic tee, sweater, and a cardigan, especially how frequently this logo shows on a pair of Converse.

I have to say that this collaboration is one of the most successful and iconic collaborations that has ever happened in the history of the fashion industry; and at the same time, one of the hardest to deal with.

Chuck Taylor 70s + red heart. Even though the "PLAY" a lower-priced line, it's still quite expensive and the prices are fixed. Why should I pay that much more just for that red heart?

Sensitive people can already smell tangible luxe and art. But leaving the rest with a disaster, with the shoes, and this disputed off-duty streetwear image.

Since it is "like the boys", I'm writing this page just for the boys. Boys, you should realize that when you are dealing with street clothing, you are dealing with this disaster. Don't ever think that this red heart is going to save you (straight guys). I don't want to see you in an OFF-WHITE tee and Thom Browne sweatpants and this pair of Converse.

Remember I said that there were 30 lines?

At least I'll give you some credit in this:

CDG PLAY White Tee $115

And some courage:

CDG HOMME PLUS Shirt orig. $740 now $148

CDG HOMME PLUS Wool Top orig. $720 now $144

CDG SHIRT Striped Print Shirt orig. $750 now $150

CDG HOMME PLUS orig. $780 now $156

CDG HOMME DEUX Wool Jacket orig. $1790 now $358

CDG HOMME DEUX Wool Pants orig. $1010 now $202

Resources from Holt Renfrew.

Shopping Notice:

Free shipping over $100

Happy shopping!


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